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Please discuss the following announcement in this thread: allnurses.com is turning 10 years old soon! what should we do?... Read More

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    I think an Allnurses.com convention is in order. With a 10th year blow out party of course.

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    Quote from c.wicks
    How about a short biography on the author which includes a chronological history of the early conception and creation of Allnurses.com?
    It would also be interesting if you included a summary of how this website has affected your life.

    I think I can speak for most of us and say that this website has been an inspiration and a valuable resource for nurses around the world.

    Wish we could all give you a BIG HUG!
    I agree with this. How about a forum on the history of Allnurses.com?
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    reduced pricing sounds good to me...
    10 years Yeah......
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    Scholarships sound great, of course, but the pens, and definately a nice strong canvas bag with a allnurses.com logo would be great!!!
    Perhaps a contest to design the logo for the bag?
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    Greetings all
    my first posting, i gained SO MUCH by browsing your forum. as a student i am learning about the culture of nursing i will be joining after graduating in may. i like the idea of a premium mailed out, like a pen. Or if that is too expensive, how about a downloadable reference or time management item, something thats one page you can print off and attach to your clipboard or pocket, branded with all nurses.com. Or how about partnering with a retailer of one kind or another, panera, dunkin donuts, tim hortons, einstein or starbucks, and offering a downloadable coupon for $2.00 off. borders does a GREAT job of online coupons. anyway, back to study, it is 4am and my final medsurg exam is approaching FAST. yours in nursing, mrosette
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    I love the idea of an allnurses.com nice quality tee-shirt or bag to carry things in for premium members and maybe reduced membership for a few days as many others have recommended. Pens, pen lights all good ideas!!
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    Quote from brian
    Please discuss the following announcement in this thread:
    allnurses.com is turning 10 years old soon! what should we do?
    Hi it is my great pleasure to be associated with this forum.Ever since i have been viewing the write ups it has really helped me in my practice.For the ten years anniversary i think you need to organize a gathering for nurses to meet.It may be inform of an international conferece
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    Reiscuss:allnurses.com is turning 10 years old soon!what should we do?
    It really nice how everyone is contributing to this grand anniversary. I hope the allnurse.com will go a long way.
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    I think that the best gift that any organization/website can give a nurse, besides a months paid vacation lol, is a stress ball. When things become hectic it is a great thing to have on hand to help you unwind.
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    woo hoo!!!! ten years, that's awesome. giving stuff away is always cool, such as for a contest or a random draw. i'm not a member:uhoh21: , so i don't know about the cheap membership rate etc..i don't even know the difference or think i need a membership for my own purposes..but i'd support the site it was needed.

    oh i have a cool idea ......is there a charity we could all donate to in commemeration?

    anywho congrats...

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