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  1. by   travduck
    Please get rid of all the log-in proceedures. Since you are sending us the E-mail, Having to log in, especially on the road, is a 10/10 on the pain scale in the buttocks. This would be a GREAT gift to your readers.
  2. by   wilbur's mom
    Keep up the good work, nurses must be strong together to advocate for ourselves, and our patients. This forum is such a positive way for us to do this. I like the idea of e-coupons, too. And, as an LPN Instructor, I so appreciate the LPN/RN connections this site provides. We are all nurses, regardless of the years of our formal training. When our patients put on their call light, they don't care what nursing degree we hold, they ask..... are you my nurse?
  3. by   kat911
    I think an Allnurses.com convention is in order. With a 10th year blow out party of course.
  4. by   nativehealer
    Quote from c.wicks
    How about a short biography on the author which includes a chronological history of the early conception and creation of Allnurses.com?
    It would also be interesting if you included a summary of how this website has affected your life.

    I think I can speak for most of us and say that this website has been an inspiration and a valuable resource for nurses around the world.

    Wish we could all give you a BIG HUG!
    I agree with this. How about a forum on the history of Allnurses.com?
  5. by   hzrizen
    reduced pricing sounds good to me...
    10 years Yeah......
  6. by   lvs2nrs3535
    Scholarships sound great, of course, but the pens, and definately a nice strong canvas bag with a allnurses.com logo would be great!!!
    Perhaps a contest to design the logo for the bag?
  7. by   mrosette
    Greetings all
    my first posting, i gained SO MUCH by browsing your forum. as a student i am learning about the culture of nursing i will be joining after graduating in may. i like the idea of a premium mailed out, like a pen. Or if that is too expensive, how about a downloadable reference or time management item, something thats one page you can print off and attach to your clipboard or pocket, branded with all nurses.com. Or how about partnering with a retailer of one kind or another, panera, dunkin donuts, tim hortons, einstein or starbucks, and offering a downloadable coupon for $2.00 off. borders does a GREAT job of online coupons. anyway, back to study, it is 4am and my final medsurg exam is approaching FAST. yours in nursing, mrosette
  8. by   NurseyTee
    I love the idea of an allnurses.com nice quality tee-shirt or bag to carry things in for premium members and maybe reduced membership for a few days as many others have recommended. Pens, pen lights all good ideas!!
  9. by   floxy124
    Quote from brian
    Please discuss the following announcement in this thread:
    allnurses.com is turning 10 years old soon! what should we do?
    Hi it is my great pleasure to be associated with this forum.Ever since i have been viewing the write ups it has really helped me in my practice.For the ten years anniversary i think you need to organize a gathering for nurses to meet.It may be inform of an international conferece
  10. by   ravenly2k
    Reiscuss:allnurses.com is turning 10 years old soon!what should we do?
    It really nice how everyone is contributing to this grand anniversary. I hope the allnurse.com will go a long way.
  11. by   AMUJESSUM
    I think that the best gift that any organization/website can give a nurse, besides a months paid vacation lol, is a stress ball. When things become hectic it is a great thing to have on hand to help you unwind.
  12. by   HOMESICKLPN
    woo hoo!!!! ten years, that's awesome. giving stuff away is always cool, such as for a contest or a random draw. i'm not a member:uhoh21: , so i don't know about the cheap membership rate etc..i don't even know the difference or think i need a membership for my own purposes..but i'd support the site it was needed.

    oh i have a cool idea ......is there a charity we could all donate to in commemeration?

    anywho congrats...
  13. by   floxy124
    hi ravenly2k thanks for your reply.though iam practicing in uae Dubai my joining this form have kept me intouch with the actual thing happening in psychiatric practice out there.It is quite different hear.

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