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Discuss: allnurses.com is turning 10 years old soon! what should we do? - page 5

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    How about to have a test about nurse history/ knowledge?
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    [QUOTE=Thunderwolf]I like the Premium reduced rates for a couple days.
    More Smilies, of course.
    The possibility to earn e-coupons which could go toward the purchase of an item in the allnurses online store...such as baseball caps, Tshirts, coffee mugs, etc with the allnurses.com logo.
    I Like both of these ideas!
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    t-shirts - good, thick ones -

    Years of Not Eating Our Young: 10


    Thanks for a wonderful learning & support forum!!!
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    Hey, I like the idea of the e-coupons for AllNurses "stuff". Also, some special something (an AllNurses pin or pen?) for those that are charter members, which I am not. Congrats anywho, on 5 years...as long as we are nurses, I believe AllNurses will be strong!
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    Quote from hassled
    Hi Kalico and others

    Love the thought of having an experienced nurse sponsoring new ones like us.. Sometimes the preceptors are good, I had a lovely one as a student but are so busy..some of them are a bit scary and just intimidate you. This would be such a bonus to have someone to ask when the going gets tough. .

    I love this idea. I think that would be excellent
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    Tee-Shirts are always popular.
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    Maybe an expanded profile page for members?
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    I may be out of line for I am a new regular member but I find it VERY difficult to surf through AllNurses, maybe 10 years ago it was not so developed and easier to use but I would like to have a walk through page.

    I agree.
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    Hello all!

    To celebrate this wonderful 10 year anniversary, how about awarding scholarships to eager nursing students??? I mean...we're in such a demand for nurses...

    Just a thought... What do you say?
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    A scholarship would be a good idea, however, where specifically would the money come from for it?
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    I think maybe for those coming into all nurses who are new in terms of paying for premiums maybe give them a discount good through the end of this year. You could also have a t-shirt saying something to the effect of 10 years and what it means to be a nurse.
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    A test bank for practicing NCLEX questions and the rationales.
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    I'd like to see a map where when you pass over the dot you would see the Premium UserID. Get an idea where everyone is from. If we get enough in one area perhaps we could plan a get-together in a centralized location.

    I don't think it would be fair to Brian to ask for reduced rates for premium members but perhaps if members could sign up in 2 or 3 payments it would be easier for them to join. I join on Christmas Day each year. Merry Christmas to me !!

    I'd also like to see a 10th Anniversary T-Shirt, you can sign me up for one. How about a contest to design it???

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