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    The discount menership sounds like a great idea and I loved the idea for e-coupons, although being in Australia makes redeeming them a bit more difficult, I am still trying to get my head around the exchange rate thing for Aussie dollars - it is a great sight and we really need to get it out there to as many great nurses as possible - Thanks for a great reference, chat and interactive site :O)

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    I like the idea of tokens towards merchandise, I also like the idea of pens, after all nurses can always use pens. I also like idea of reduced prices on premium memberships.
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    Hi! I really like also the idea of giving things like pens or bags...think its great...hehehe...

    My bday is april 3rd also...hehehe...
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    Being a pen fanatic, I *love* the idea of a special pen. BTW, my birthday is on April 3 too, although, I am somewhat older than 10....
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    I think it would be great if you promoted T-shirts with cool sloagons on them for all of the members to get there hands on. Some really cute and witty attitudes that would bolster the morale of nurses everywhere could really be thoughful. The T shirt could be a v neck with a pocket to resemble the scrubs nurses wear. I know I would buy one or two especially if the money was used like a charity for a childrens hospital. WE could even come up with a forum on the site strictly for creative ideas and designs. I'm sure that their are many nurses who love to think up design work and creative stuff. This would be the way they could put their creative artistic powers to a good cause.
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    I would love to see celebratory merchandise for allnurses.com

    and perhaps a drawing for free premium memberships?
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    a drawing for a free membership and also reduce rates ... Good job Brian keep up the good work:smiley_aa :smiley_aa
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    Ink pens, of a good quality, canvas bag, big and roomy,
    and a mug for h20 drinkers......to hold at least 24-30 oz.
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    Ten years way to go..........do not forget me of a new pen..
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    I agree with Suebird...a "meeting of the minds" kinda thing... those who are able to attend could meet in a different place every year or so!

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