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    I agree, a special for premium membership would be wonderful.
    On a lighter note, Brian needs a spellchecker.:spin:
    and we all need a foot massage!

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    Quote from Thunderwolf
    I like the Premium reduced rates for a couple days.
    More Smilies, of course.
    The possibility to earn e-coupons which could go toward the purchase of an item in the allnurses online store...such as baseball caps, Tshirts, coffee mugs, etc with the allnurses.com logo.

    I like this idea, too. Of course, being nurses, there's ALWAYS room for pens, too!!!!!!
    Yeh... pens, pens, and MORE pens !!! FINE point, black ink.

    I agree with all the above as well... reduced premium rates for a week. T-shirts.. with stick figure nurses (!) under the logo

    An Allnurses badge lanyard. Allnurses stickers. Penlights. NICE Tshirts, not tacky. Stickfigure nurses encircling the logo.

    OK.. so I have a thing for stick figures......................

    Creation of an Allnurses magazine.. different topics every month.
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    I like T-shirts,pens,coffee cups,and especially discounted premium memberships.
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    Quote from bklpn
    Special pricing on premium membership sounds good to me!
    That's a good idea...I would like to be a premium member but can't afford it...another idea a big reunion with all members.. party time!!
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    For Premium customers, offer access to professional service providers in such relevant fields as liability/insurance, equipment suppliers, attorneys, regulatory officials, business consultants, and of course, nursing specialists. Provide not just links to their websites, but actual online, interactive advisory services that can be obtained either as part of a Premium subscription or for additional charges. If they offer good value, subscribers wil pay for it.

    These experts can also author online, archived documents that can be read or downloaded, again either as part of a Premium membership or for an additional charge. Quality and value are everything.

    Your readers may want to develop tools for fellow nurses, also, like project managers for nursing administrators, cost estimators and business plans for independent contrators, and affiliated blogs on topics of general or specific interest.
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    HUGGGS TO BRIAN.... Just keep up the great work here....
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    discounted premium rate sounds good to me:spin: I plan I staying here for years to come!!!
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    I like the special prices on Premium memberships- and maybe sponsor a student?
    Thanks for all that you do-
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    I like the idea of pens. An allnurses.com bag would be nice also to carry things in.
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    i also think that a price derease for a premium membership would be great for a limited time...also, i like the idea of a group "get together", but am not sure that that is quite feasible seeing as we are spread far and wide. maybe several small bashes...linked together somehow. but ofcourse it woulldn't be possible this year but an idea for the future maybe!

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