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  1. by   pugmum
    Quote from Roy Fokker
    How about a quiz contest?

    On nursing? Winners recieve AllNurses prizes - pens, penlights, tegaderms?
    ...and Attends for those that can't bear to tear themselves away and gotta go!
  2. by   Fonenurse
    Quote from suebird3
    i know it probably isn't possible this year, but how about an eventual meeting/allnurses bash? just a thought from a very tired bird.... suebird
    meeting up would be great - and with enough notice even us foreigners might be able to attend - i would love to be able to meet some of the famous names here!
  3. by   casualjim
    Quote from brian
    Please discuss the following announcement in this thread:
    allnurses.com is turning 10 years old soon! what should we do?
    Well you could buy us all a car!!:spin:
    or just an anniversary price break on membership would be ok
  4. by   nursedawn67
    How about 10 free memberships? Draw names or something?
  5. by   greatshakes
    Hi all, reduced premiums sound good as well as a tee shirt with nurses of all colours to represent the different nationalities, (you could even pop a kangaroo in or something indigenous to different regions, flag maybe) on an ark or something as nurses have been 'round since the ark that says
    "We're all in this boat together...at allnurses...we help to make you count"

    I know you've helped me
  6. by   Kalico
    Coming from a poor student I love the idea of a scholarship fund. I know that this may not seem like much but this website has helped me get through school and find a job in a NICU. I think if people were able to get financial help here as well it would be totally awesome! Someone mentioned the idea of those that could afford it contributing $10 to help someone else get a premium membership. I like that idea but I think instead it would be really cool if this site had more of a sponsership type of thing. One of you seasoned nurses taking on one of us newbies and offering help, not financial, but being kind of like an off the floor preceptor. I think it would help those of us out here who may not have a great preceptor or who just feels like they need to speak with a more experienced person than they are.
  7. by   greatshakes
    Hi Kalico and others

    Love the thought of having an experienced nurse sponsoring new ones like us.. Sometimes the preceptors are good, I had a lovely one as a student but are so busy..some of them are a bit scary and just intimidate you. This would be such a bonus to have someone to ask when the going gets tough. .
  8. by   Ladyln22
    I agree, a special for premium membership would be wonderful.
    On a lighter note, Brian needs a spellchecker.:spin:
    and we all need a foot massage!
  9. by   jnette
    Quote from Thunderwolf
    I like the Premium reduced rates for a couple days.
    More Smilies, of course.
    The possibility to earn e-coupons which could go toward the purchase of an item in the allnurses online store...such as baseball caps, Tshirts, coffee mugs, etc with the allnurses.com logo.

    I like this idea, too. Of course, being nurses, there's ALWAYS room for pens, too!!!!!!
    Yeh... pens, pens, and MORE pens !!! FINE point, black ink.

    I agree with all the above as well... reduced premium rates for a week. T-shirts.. with stick figure nurses (!) under the logo

    An Allnurses badge lanyard. Allnurses stickers. Penlights. NICE Tshirts, not tacky. Stickfigure nurses encircling the logo.

    OK.. so I have a thing for stick figures......................

    Creation of an Allnurses magazine.. different topics every month.
  10. by   butterfly99
    I like T-shirts,pens,coffee cups,and especially discounted premium memberships.
  11. by   BORI-BSNRN
    Quote from bklpn
    Special pricing on premium membership sounds good to me!
    That's a good idea...I would like to be a premium member but can't afford it...another idea a big reunion with all members.. party time!!
  12. by   cyberoid
    For Premium customers, offer access to professional service providers in such relevant fields as liability/insurance, equipment suppliers, attorneys, regulatory officials, business consultants, and of course, nursing specialists. Provide not just links to their websites, but actual online, interactive advisory services that can be obtained either as part of a Premium subscription or for additional charges. If they offer good value, subscribers wil pay for it.

    These experts can also author online, archived documents that can be read or downloaded, again either as part of a Premium membership or for an additional charge. Quality and value are everything.

    Your readers may want to develop tools for fellow nurses, also, like project managers for nursing administrators, cost estimators and business plans for independent contrators, and affiliated blogs on topics of general or specific interest.
  13. by   meintheUSA
    HUGGGS TO BRIAN.... Just keep up the great work here....