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    hi ravenly2k thanks for your reply.though iam practicing in uae Dubai my joining this form have kept me intouch with the actual thing happening in psychiatric practice out there.It is quite different hear.

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    Brian congratulations to you and the team.You do not know what effect this forum have been having on the nurses out there. what a great thing for ten good years.
    keep it up
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    i'm lost without my daily dose of allnurses.com!

    qd qh

    congrats on 10 years!
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    Hi fun2care.Really it has been awonderful experience.to be part of this great forum.
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    I start nursing school in two weeks. I am learning so much on how other nurses respond and handle situations. Thank you Brian for putting together this fantastic site. I have shared it with my fellow classmates.

    Now, in regards to what to do for the 10 year anniversary?

    I also like the idea of e-coupons for items at allnurses.com, or random drawings for discounted or free items. I also am thinking that T-shirts would be a good idea too, discounted or give-aways.
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    Ha ha, stress ball could be good but would we have time to use it?
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    Quote from hassled
    Ha ha, stress ball could be good but would we have time to use it?
    Isn't that the truth! I work with the ego-manical witch from hell, she actually barks at all the other nurses to run with the med cart! I once told her I was going off the floor to the restroom and she told me to run there and back. If she ever caught me with a stress ball she would probably spontaneously combust. hmm.. that could be a good thing.
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    How about an 'essay' contest on Nursing - best stories or something along those lines
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    Quote from suebird3
    i know it probably isn't possible this year, but how about an eventual meeting/allnurses bash? just a thought from a very tired bird....


    that is my suggestion. any chance of a get together........or maybe a few at several locations????
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    I was wondering if a virtual "Bash"- Get together were possible-much like they do video conference seminars-What do u think? Especialy since a common central geopraphic location might be difficult or expensive?

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