Discuss: 4 New moderators: suebird3,rn/writer,Roy Fokker, and CardioTrans!

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    please feel free to discuss the following announcement in this thread.

    Quote from brian
    as allnurses.com continues to grow and grow and grow there is more and more of a need for additional staff to help keep the forums running smoothly.

    i'm happy to announce our latest addition to the mod squad:

    suebird3, rn/writer, roy fokker, and cardiotrans

    you can see what forums they will be moderators in on our staff page here:

    we are honored to bring these fine member on as staff, so please join me and welcome them all

    Last edit by brian on Mar 8, '06

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    congrats to each of you!
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    :hatparty: :biere: :smiley_aa :smiley_aa :bowingpur

    congratulations to you four most

    deserving people!!!!!!!!!!
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    I hope like Smiling Blue Eyes you continue posting.
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    congratulations to all of you!!!
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    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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    Quote from s and t
    congratulations to all of you!!!

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    Thanks very much!!! :blushkiss
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    Well, that's cool!!!! Congratulations.

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