Discuss: 3 new forums - LPN-RN, PDAs, Filipino Nursing

  1. 0 please discuss the following announcement here in this thread: 3 new forums - lpn-rn, pdas, filipino nursing

    please note, we just created 3 new nursing forums, we moved several existing threads that are relevant to these forums already, if you find other threads that should be moved, please report these threads to the staff members:

    lpn to rn nursing student forum
    for issues specific to students doing lpn to rn.

    philippine nursing forums
    philippine nursing discussion forum, for filipino nurses to network.

    pdas and nursing
    use this forum for discussing pdas and nursing.

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    Thanks Again Brian....
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    Ok i saw where there is a forum on PDAs.

    When i asked about a forum for nursing gear (like for shoes and steths) little over a year ago, i was told it would be an invitation for advertisers and spammers.

    So how is a PDA forum not an invitation for spammers?

    I'm asking this because i see so many threads about shoes (TONS of them) and stethoscopes.
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    It's true, there are a lot of threads about shoes, scopes, etc. Maybe a generic nursing gear forum would be nice, though. Again, if it does draw too many spammers that's a problem. You'd need strong moderation there.

    I haven't looked, but is there a forum for CNAs/Techs? I think it could be nice spot for those hard working colleagues to vent and have a place they call call their own.

    Hey, now that I'll be home fulltime for a while, I can mod. :chuckle
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    It was discussed before about a CNA forum, and it was determined that since this site is for nurses or nursing students, that CNAs do not fall under that category for needing a forum here.

    There used to be websites that had forums for CNAs.
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    Yay!!! Thanks for the PDA forum!
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    Virtually any new forum will surely expand the size of this already-popular website, so I think these three new additions are beneficial.
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    Thanks! It nice to have a Philippine Nursing Forum where Filipino nurses can post especially Philippine local issues affecting our professions.
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    i agree with Rep.. thanks brian

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