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    I truly love this site.....it has been a great help to me recently......TY Brian and all the members

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    wow what a great job ...im glad i found this.thanks to all who made this website possible...i love being here
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    i have recently joined the site and have enjoyed every part of it - wonder if i will ever get to read all the things i want to here - glad to be a part of it and hope for contiuned success to you and we nurses
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    Glad to hear the positive feedback, and that you are all enjoying your time here and finding it helpful!!!

    BTW, we just hit 210,000 members already
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    I just became a member of this site five minutes ago and i love it already. This site is such a big help for new nursing grads like myself. It is so nice to actually find other people who can relate to what i am going through @ work and in my new career. Thanks for making this website cause it rocks!!!
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    congrats great job this site is a great site keep up the great work.

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