Discuss: 2 new admins - nightngale1998 and Thunderwolf | allnurses

Discuss: 2 new admins - nightngale1998 and Thunderwolf

  1. 0 please discuss the following announcement in this thread:
    Quote from brian
    i'm honored to announce that we have 2 new admins to our allnurses.com staff!

    nightngale1998 and thunderwolf
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    About Brian, ADN

    Brian has '18+' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'CCU, Geriatrics, Critical Care, Tele'. From 'Minnesota'; Joined Mar '98; Posts: 15,361; Likes: 16,504.

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    Congrats to you both. I know they are going to do a wonderful job in their new and exciting role. Good Choices Brian!
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    :hatparty: congratulations:hatparty:
    thunderwolf and nightngale 1998
    brian sure knows good people
    :smiley_aa :smiley_aa

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