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we are happy to announce that will be exhibiting at the 2008 national teaching institute (nti) & critical care exposition may 3-8th in chicago, il. actual exhibit hall dates and... Read More

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    I will be there! Can not wait. This is my first time. I can not wait to see Bill Cosby
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    I will be there as well.
    This is my first nursing conference and I don't know whether I'm more excited to go to it or if it's the fact that I'll be in Chicago!
    Probably the latter.
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    are there other nursing shows or conferences that allnurses is attending this year? Would love to say hello too and of course get a free pen!
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    Quote from pearlsc
    are there other nursing shows or conferences that allnurses is attending this year? Would love to say hello too and of course get a free pen!
    Yes, there are plans to do a few more, but nothing set in stone yet.
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    I have the days off, and would love to go. But this late, I am afraid I couldn't find a hotel room. Is there anyone, non-smoker looking for a room mate for a couple of days. Please send me an email if you are looking for one.
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    I will be there too...I can't wait...I have been many times and I always have fun. I will be at the Homewood Suites. I would be kinda cool if we could all meet up somewhere for lunch or something during the conference. What do you all think?

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    HI BRIAN...i will be stopping by all nurses booth for my free pen...i live not too far from the area......see u there....i am a fan of allnurses....
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    Brian, NRSKarenRN, traumaRus, Janfran and rn/writer will be excitied to meet long term and newbie members attending
    ---and sending some pens home with you.
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    We are five ICU nurses from Iceland attending to NTI this year
    - It will be nice to see you all

    Greetings from Iceland
    Thorsteinn, RN, MSN
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    Chicago is soooo far away.
    I'll look forward to your next visit someplace closer...
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    I will be there and if anyone is in need of a room, I have a room at the Holiday Inn. PM me if you are a non smoker and need/want a room. Thanks.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
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    Well, I'd LOVE to attend, but ...................

    Thanks in advance for my free pen!
    Just send it to the address you have for me! LOL

    Good luck with the booth and the conference! ENJOY!
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    Just a thought.................

    How about an allnurses booth at an AUSSIE nursing conference???!!

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