allnurses Exhibiting at AACN NTI in Chicago, May 3-8th 2008 - page 6

we are happy to announce that will be exhibiting at the 2008 national teaching institute (nti) & critical care exposition may 3-8th in chicago, il. actual exhibit hall dates and times to visit our booth are... Read More

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    Let's see some pics!

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    we should arrange an allnurses meetup for cocktails tuesday nite after sessions. or dinner even. there's a bunch of pubs around town.
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    so I just went 2 the booth, met brian, picked up some free pens, some lovely pill container with chocolate (yummy) and signed up for the drawing. I am now posting this through my phone. hehe. That was cool. wish they had a drawing 4 a free membership (u know the kind u pay 4 on this site). Thanks again for NTI.
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    CONGRATULATIONS TO ERIN from SC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Winner of an IPOD touch in our drawing today.

    Stop by Booth 3070 to enter tomorrow's drawing.

    Get to meet our founder Brian and Mod Team staff........

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    It was very nice meeting you in person, Brian, TraumaRUS, NRSKarenRN... (and I feel horrible but who else was there today)?

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    so great to meet the AN staff irl. Thanks Brian for the XL bag of SWAG.

    rnwriter was also there too.

    See everyone again tomorrow. I'm the one w/ really long red hair.
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    It was nice to meet you today! Thanks for the pens!!!!

    With all the pens from the other booths today, I've got enough pens for the next two years!
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    Oh and did you fellow Attendees go to the Covidien booth and get your free Crocs? I did! They're Navy have to go around to 6 different stations, get a card punched and them when you are done, redeem them for the free Crocs!

    Another cool giveaway, if you go to the Lovenox booth, they're handing ou free trauma scissors and if you go around to their displays and answer a few questions, you get a NICE Lovenox pen with your NAME ENGRAVED on it!!!!!

    I've gotten a nice bag, two scrub shirts, Four t-shirts, a commuter coffee mug, a TON of pens..a free book, Crucial conversations.....a few stuffed animals, a few stress squeezie balls, lanyards, badge wheels...all kinds of goodies!!! THAT's REALLY why I came to NTI! Well, that and to get educated!

    And there's MORE goodies tomorrow!!
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    So what did you all think of our giveaways? The feedback we kept getting was that we had some of the nicest give aways.

    Here is a photo of one our most popular give aways

    The pill bottles were filled with either Chocolate Covered Sunflower seeds or Jelly Beans
    Last edit by brian on May 8, '08
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    Quote from brian
    So what did you all think of our giveaways? The feedback we kept getting was that we had some of the nicest give aways.

    YES! You sure did!!! I didn't eat mine yet...will save them for when I get home tomorrow.

    Thanks again, it was nice to meet all of you!!

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