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We will be opening an online store, with some merchandise. Pens, buttons, calculators, candy pill bottles etc... Before we order a ton of other things, I'd like to hear from all the members on what kinds of... Read More

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    Quote from BEDPAN76
    OKAY are on to something good. How about some AN WINE. For the different years AN has been around ! And for unwinding after a %#@! shift!!!!! *wine of course members get a discount on a case, right, lol getting silly this Friday night,,,,

    I can go for the wine thingy, also. They do say in most cases, a glass or two a day can be a good thing!
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    Maybe if you could get some realy cool bags for carrying all the stuff nurses need that would be great.
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    Fran, LOVE your nurse blinkie!! Where'd you get it!!!???
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    Better yet, kangaroo bags...ones that go around the waist that carry nursing items! Preferably black.