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It's finally here! We just released our first app! You can find it by searching allnurses in the app store, or here is a web link: We hope you enjoy it! FYI, we will be announcing an android version soon as... Read More

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    I immediately downloaded it and use it when I'm away from the computer.

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    Simply amazing!!!! . Making me love AN even more.

    Good job guys!

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    Love it!! Thanks Brian!
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    Just downloaded it! LOVE IT!!!!
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    Hey, Brian, I am loving the app and have officially crossed over into a daily allnurses browser. On the "current" screen, the "participated" tab only lists threads that I have started. Is there a way to change it to all threads I have commented in? Otherwise I would need to go into profile and click all posts, which is no biggie, but I do like that participated tab better.

    Love this app!

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