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It's finally here! We just released our first app! You can find it by searching allnurses in the app store, or here is a web link: We hope you enjoy it! FYI, we will be announcing an android version soon as... Read More

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    Quote from SnfRn

    Is there a way to access the break room from the app? I've been looking but don't see it. Of course that usually means it's right in front of my face...
    Sorry, the Breakroom is a separate site. You won't find it in this app.

    Quote from Paco69
    Ugh, sorry ... I am soooooo tired of hearing these words Android always has a back seat to the iPhone.

    Regardless, looking forward to the app!
    The Android and iPhone apps were both submitted at the same time.

    The Android phone/tablet version is currently in Google's awaiting approval list. We just have to wait for approval. Availability should be in a matter of week(s).
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    Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Love, love, LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!! This is so awesome! THANK YOU !!! :happy dance:

    Uh oh! How do you make the smilies work?
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    Congrats and waiting on the andriod app
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    Just downloaded it. Really nice!
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    Just downloaded the app and it's wonderful!! And I saw posts on the app that I wouldn't have seen on the regular website
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    Loving it !!!!!!!!!!
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    Does the check option allow you to like the persons comment?
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    One small issue: if a member is participating in a discussion using the app, and a mod then moves the thread to the break room (which, as a side note, happens too often and is horribly annoying...), the app-using member can no longer access the thread.

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