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3rd Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 6

The Nursing Caption Contest was such a success that we decided to run a few more. :D Good afternoon nursing students, your misson, should you choose to accept it, involves coming up with a... Read More

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    "Well, looks like this mole check is going to take a lot longer than I expected."
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    And to think I was planning on having tacos for dinner...
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    I would say you have a bad case of 'black hairy chest.'
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    Hmmm, this could easily be used as donations for 3-4 people.
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    "Okay, I will be right back with your Afro sheen sir."
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    Ok, make up your mind, you want me to perm, relax, braid or cut it all off?
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    "I'm really sorry Mr. Jones but if I attach these electrodes without shaving your chest I'm afraid you will scream like a little girl when I pull them off!
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    I never even THOUGHT that the care plan for Hirsutism may be on the NCLEX!! What ELSE are they going to ask us to learn??
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    Just repeat after me, . . .

    Fuzzy wuzzy wuz a bear,. . .
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    Sir, this is a hospital, not a hair salon.
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    "You dropped your wifes Latisse while doing what?"
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    And my parents said my cosmetology training will be useless once I go to nursing school.
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    Sir, if you want my honest opinion, your hairy chest is not the only thing in the way of your sex life. If you want, I can ask around for a plastic surgeon.