3rd Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 6

The Nursing Caption Contest was such a success that we decided to run a few more. :D Good afternoon nursing students, your misson, should you choose to accept it, involves coming up with a caption to this cartoon. You may... Read More

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    Calm down sir! I said I needed to listen to your breath sounds, not your breast sounds so no, we don't need to shave your chest.

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    Excuse me Sir? You store what in there? I don't think the Doctor would approve of that!
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    "I thought I already asked you to remove your shirt."
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    So, how long has your cat been missing sir?
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    so how long has your cat been missing sir??
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    "geriatric curl?"
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    Sir in order for me to place the EKG leads, I will need to shave some patches of hair off your chest. I need to warn you that you will probably look like a man-o-lantern when I'm done!
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    Okay Sir ! I will just collect your prescription for "rug doctor" and then you should be good to go !
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    "Well, Mr. Wilson, I don't think you've looked EVERYWHERE for your contact lens."
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    I see Mother Nature gave you a fur coat.

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