3rd Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 4

The Nursing Caption Contest was such a success that we decided to run a few more. :D Good afternoon nursing students, your misson, should you choose to accept it, involves coming up with a caption to this cartoon. You may... Read More

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    yes sir the skin implant, i have traced the donor! does Mr Tarzan from the jungle sound familiar?

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    2,903,949 drugs to learn by tomorrow, and a patient with chest hairs so long he can floss his/ others teeth.... Tequila... Anyone..?
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    Ah treestitus very common at this time of year sir
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    Chia pets are not meant for the human body to host.
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    I think the doctor said biosurgical treatment, not biochemical ...
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    So what you're saying is, Sir, is that your hair growth, like your wife's breasts, is lower than you would like BOTH of them to be. Did I understand you correctly?
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    I knew they had a chia pet where you grow hair on a bald head, but this is the first time I've seen it used on an actual human torso.
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    Happy earth day
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    Well Sir, it appears that your hair has gone from receding to a full on retreat from your head to your chest and back.
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    Sir, why did you use a Volumising shampoo in the shower, instead of just on your head? little Nurse Bez

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