2011 Q2 Article Contest Winners

  1. the allnurses.com members cast their votes, the allnurses.com staff provided feedback and the winners are....


    1. grace and love by sarahleern ... $250
    2. the blend of grey by gold_sj ... $125
    3. the ethics of managing your personal time ruby vee ... $75


    1. the same kind of different as me by jaelpn ... $150
    2. "nice" vs. "social" by ruby vee ... $100
    3. an angel without wings by smartkrissy ... $50

    congratulations to all the winners, on top of the prize money, all winners will be upgraded to a platinum membership valued at $60.

    winners please keep an eye on your private messages for processing payments.

    thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and shared your articles! we will announce the next contest in the near future.
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  3. by   eriksoln
    Congrats to the winners.