Whats work like for a LPN? Whats work like for a LPN? | allnurses

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Whats work like for a LPN?

  1. 0 Hi everyone I'm an LPN interesting in moving to Alaska and just wondering what the job opportunities are like there.
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    I work at South Central Foundation (the ambulatory care clinics associated with ANMC- the native hospital). As an LPN, I don't do many nursing skills. I room patients, take vitals (height, weight, bp, temp, pulse, resp, etc) amd ask about pain, meds and allergies. I also give injections, draw blood and assist/chaperone the providers as needed. That is pretty much the extent of my job. Though I love the environment, my clinic, boss, co-workers, etc, I feel like I am under-utilized and wish I could do more nursing skills- but here the R.N.s do them.