We're on our way!

  1. Hi all! Been working on making the move to AK for a few months now and our house finally sold (WOOO HOOO!)
    We'll be bound for AK end of Sept or Oct depending on tying up some loose ends. I've started some conversations with the local hospitals in Anchorage, so we'll see what develops. (I'm an ER RN)
    Looking forward to all the experiences, good and not so good, that will come with this transition. The FUN is in the details
    Dawn in PA
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Just an FYI - if you are driving up the Alcan, Octobe is late in the year. When we moved to AK - we drove up in early Sept and still encountered lots of snow.

    Good luck - AK is absolutely beautiful. We lived in the interior at Delta Junction for two years while hubby was stationed at Ft Greely. Much colder and darker than Anchorage.
  4. by   jeffreyorbit
    good luck!