Moving to Eielson AFB Feb 17th, 2010---LPN Job employability in this area?

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    Hey guys,
    have tried posting before, and had no replies....dont even know if iam posting correctly, but here it goes....Iam an LPN in Florida, 4 years, all Med Surge hospital/ACLS cert...Iam appx 8 months away from my clinicals to finish my RN bridge with excelsior question is, i will need to find employment, 25-30 hours/wk....We will be living on Eielson AFb, so the immediate area of Eielson, Ft Wainright, North Pole, and Fairbanks are my options for employment....Can anyone tell me are there a need in this area for LPN's? average pay? i know most hospitals in Alaska want RN's, im ok with that, will be there soon enough....I have already been granted a TLPN license by Alaska (good until 7/2010) if anyone can provide any info on job advice, other than Federal employment, (have already applied for those and am waiting) i would greatly appreciate it !!!---My wife and i are driving the whole way, we cant wait !...any and all advice appreciated.....

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