Got In!!

  1. 0 i got in, i got in, i got in!!! anybody else get in?
    [color=#00ffff]cant wait for the program to start. if you got in, please feel free to comment. i feel like im the only one on this alaska board:-(
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    Where did you get in? I lived in Fairbanks and completed my pre-reqs at UAF before sadly moving to Georgia :-(
    The thing about Fairbanks was that at UAF-TVC they only accepted 16 students per year through UAA's extension program. It was crazy competitive. The Nursing Advisor told me that a 3.9 GPA was the lowest that was accepted.
    So I am now in Georgia and I had one year to complete in order to apply for admission. I GOT IN! It was a day that I will never forget and I don't think people realize how much hard word and dedication it takes to 1. get there, and 2. make it through. It has been an amazing ride and it isn't until you get to work with the patients in the clinical setting that you are able to realize how amazing it actually is!
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