Destination Alaska..any advice? Destination Alaska..any advice? | allnurses

Destination Alaska..any advice?

  1. 0 Very excited about starting a 13 week contract in July somewhere in Alaska. Not sure where to accept a position. So far an offer in Barrow has been made. Any suggestions on where to work/live or where not to work/live? Any advive or tips will help. :bowingpur
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    I moved to Alaska in 2001 and had no idea what I was getting myself into. You are taking a 13 week assignment in the middle of summer so it will be warm. It is dry here, no humidity. Have you found out where your going yet? It is a huge State.

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    Hey, im just curious to see if you ever made it to Alaska for a travel assignment. I am considering it, depending on the pay of course. If you did go, what was it like?
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    I agree
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    I want to relocate to Alaska - will be a new grad in Spring/Summer 2012...kind of getting terrified about the whole job search there...