Alaska Nursing Jobs?

  1. 0 Just wondering if anyone knows if Achorage or surrounding areas are hiring new grads. My husband has a fishing business in Alaska which he spends the month of July in Bristol Bay. We are contemplating moving up there since I am a new grad and job opportunity for new grads in Idaho have declined because of the economy. Anyone know about the job market in Alaska.
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    Alaska Medical Plaza Building
    1200 Airport Heights Road
    "M" Level (mezzanine)
    Phone: 907-264-1777
    FAX: 907-264-1078

    Call and ask them!!
    Good luck!
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    this hospital has nurse extern positions also

    I do most of my job searching on google just put the city you want and hospital and you will get the hospitals in the area and start from there.
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    good luck!

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