who LOVES where they work and why? who LOVES where they work and why? | allnurses

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who LOVES where they work and why?

  1. 0 yes, i'm a clueless 4 semester student, who has only the vaguest idea what specialty i want to work in, or what type of setting.

    i'm 46y/o single mom, so i'm hoping to hit the ground running and find a place i'll enjoy working soon after graduation. (feel free to snicker at mynaivete!)
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    I like the ICU. I have worked a little on the floor, and I like the ICU better. The difference to me is that I have anywhere from 1-3 patients instead of 6 or possibly more. So, I get to spend more time with them, and get to learn more about their cases. When I was on the floor it seemed like I did a lot more running around just trying to get my charting done, and meds passed. I also get to see some really interesting stuff, and get a chance to work around very experienced nurses. There is so much to learn in the unit. The learning curve was really steep coming into ICU right out of school, but I was in my 40's as well, and I didn't feel like I had years and years to find out where I wanted to be. I wanted to hit the ground running. So I did.