Who is applying to UAH and/or Calhoun Community Collge Nursing schools Spring 2014

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    I was wondering who is applying to UAH, Calhoun Community College, or both in the Huntsville/Decatur, Alabama area. I have applied to both schools myself and I am starting to get anxious. I am hoping we can all come together to support and encourage each other and maybe even offer some advice. Don't be afraid to discuss concerns and ask questions, because most likely there is someone who feels the same and at the same time, there might be someone on here who can help. Good luck everyone!

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    I'm glad someone started this thread! I applied to both Uah and Calhoun for the spring semester. I really want to get in Uah's program. I'm nervous as well. Good luck to everyone !!
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    Thanks kissesnhugs! I've read other threads that are similar to this one, but from other years and I've learned so much from them and thought we should start our own one. I can't wait to see who joins in the conversation. By gosh, I know we aren't the only nervous ones out here.
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    Also, I was on campus yesterday found out a couple of more things for UAH like a pen light and bandage scissors and a couple of other things. I'm going to wait until I get a letter before I buy anything else, though.
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    Hey! I applied to Calhoun for Spring : ) I'm super anxious to find out if I got in. November needs to hurry up!
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    Hi Red3060! I couldn't agree more. It seems like time is going slower now.
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    OMG yes it is. I'm itching to find out. Lol, I have so many decisions hinging on this. It's hard not to just dive in before I find out. My score is either 142 or 145 depending on how they look at it (not sure if they'll count me as a CC student because I took a two year break). I read some posts about the last 3 programs cut off scores, I would get in based on those... but there's always that chance I won't. So nerve-racking.
    Lol I still have my pen light and stethoscope from 2 years ago... hopefully I'll finally be able to use them
    What are your scores?
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    I haven't seen anyone not get in with 142 points, so I think you are pretty much safe, but I don't blame you one bit for being nervous. I'm nervous too, but I think that it is just par for the course, because the wait is so hard. I think all of this will go away once we get that packet and not a letter in the mail. Also, here's a thought that I hope will help; while it is harder to get into nursing school at UAH in the Spring semester (they accept much fewer people in Spring), I was told that it is actually easier to get into Calhoun during the Spring Semester, because you are not competing with students going directly into nursing school from high school (I was told this by a person that works in the nursing department).
    I have 180.3 points.
    That is so neat that you already have your pen light and stethoscope. I have looked at those, but I'm waiting a little bit longer until I get them.
    I bet after your break you are rearing to go!
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    Hey I applied to the Paramedic to RN program that starts Spring 2014. Was accepted year before last but the class was cancelled because of lack of applicants. Hoping it has enough this time
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    I know someone who was going for the Paramedic to RN program Fall 2012. Does that program have both a Fall and Spring start? I sure hope they have enough people to start this time around. Regardless, let us know how it goes Mccaryh!

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