Wallace State Nursing First Day

  1. 0 Well today was the first day! Actually, I'm on my break! I was just spent the last 3 hours being very well informed on a lot of things, ATTENDANCE being the main thing!! Just wanted to know how everyone's day went!
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    Im actually listening to the fundamentals online now. I did not hear you calling my name yesterday..lol
    Where were you sitting?
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    Hey guys! You are already starting, that's great! I have to wait until next week, and go to the Birmingham Lawson State campus on Monday Anyway, good luck and keep in touch
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    Justshe I don't think you exist!! I was sitting right by where you were supposed to be sitting in block D!!!! I did call your name because this one girl laughed at me for calling that name out!! Good Luck Alert! Be prepared for your ride at Lawson because I already see it is a ride here at Wallace!!
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    Jazzy, I am hybrid and that's where I sat. I don't even remember where the block D folks sat. I exist I promise..lol
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    Girl, I was sitting directly in front of you!!!

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