Wallace State first week

  1. How was everyone's first week? I was so tired by Friday, after class I went home and slept for awhile. It's going to be tough, but so worth it in the end.
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  3. by   MsAlleyKatt
    I was totally exhausted myself. What block are you in?
  4. by   AppleAday2011
    I am in Block B. I am totally overwhelmed with all the work we have to do. But hopefully it will get better as I get more organized. What block are you in?
  5. by   MsAlleyKatt
    I'm in block A. I'm just about organized but it's sooo much material at one time. I'm nervous about our first test this week. I've been reading and following the module. I think I over read Saturday and my brain shut down so I gotta do better. Have you figured out Dimentional Analysis?
  6. by   AppleAday2011
    I have always used dimentional analysis. It's really easy once you figure out all your conversions. Are you ready for the Fundamentals test this week?
  7. by   MsAlleyKatt
    I don't know. I have been studying but I still don't know. How about you. Then if I'm reading this calendar right we have a test in health assessment next week.
  8. by   Cvrgul
    Can anybody tell me how their first semester went? Also, did majority make it to the 2nd semester? Thanks!

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