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Taking A&PI in Childersburg at CACC

  1. 0 Has anyone ever had Instructor Doss? I am taking this instructor this fall and would like to know more about his classes. I am taking A&PI in Childersburg at CACC in the evening. Anyone else taking this too?
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    I think he/she may be new to CACC. Sorry that I can't give you more info. I'm taking A&PI with Waites this fall.
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    I would recommend Ms. Waites in Cburg and Ms. Wood in AC. they are awesome. don't know about the other instructors. sorry!
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    I loved ms. Waites! I just took a&p 2... Taking a&p 1 this fall. Hoping for another A. Is a&p 1 harder than a&p 2?

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