Starting LPN program at Jeffstate,,,concerned about the pharmacology......

  1. i hate math in general, im interested in starting a study group for emotional/academic support during the program...Im very intimidated by math so im super nervous about the pharmacology, also a girlfriend of mine said they lost half of their students last year in the first semester,,,i am determined not to be one of the ones that doesnt make it, i figure anything we can do to help eachother succeed, we should do it....
    See yall friday morning....
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  3. by   bamagt
    The math is basic, elementary math. Just saying...
  4. by   beach_bride514
    be nice...

    Congrats on making it into the program! I honestly wouldn't let anything you hear bother you. Just keep thinking, if you made it into the program, then you're obviously capable of completing it. You just have to discipline yourself to study hard and earn the grades that you want. Try to surround yourself with positive people.
    Good luck & Best wishes!