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    Anyone here doing the online program at USA?? I am thinking of doing this and wanted some feedback from people who have been in this program. How is the program? I know they say it is a good program (they being the school) but is it really good from the students standpoint?
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  3. by   NotAPet
    So far, so bad. Very badly designed online programs, I am in the accelerated program, will not get anything, will pay so much money for this BS and will also pay for freezing Temp in their nursing buildings too for traditional students. Find smth else before u pay, please.
  4. by   out2years
    I started thier Rn-BSN program very flexible and usually great in put from teachers and advisors. I did try others not as user freindly and its all online except the 120 hrs for precep needed in 460. Hope this helps.
  5. by   jenhen82
    Can anyone who is currently enrolled in or completed USA's RN-BSN program tell me how they found their preceptor? I move pretty often (have attended usa in the past when I lived in Mobile) so it's hard to extablish contacts with APN's when I'm only in a location 1-2 yrs. Does the school help find a preceptor if you know of no one specific?