RN Starting Salary in B'ham

  1. i am a pre-nursing student and i have most of my pre-req. classes for a bachelors out of the way, so i figured i would go for my adn and eventually a msn. what is the average starting salary of a adn in the b'ham area??? i looked at some websites and they said around 22, but i've heard 18 from a few people. thanks!!!
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  3. by   hcox1975
    $20-$24 according to what shift. As a new grad, you will probably do night shift.
  4. by   Newby'sWife07
    Yeah, I had heard that night shift is usually for the newbies, which I actually prefer starting out. Thanks!
  5. by   redstepchild
    eww... thats A LOT lower than what I had hoped for... looks like I will be keeping my day job a little longer.
  6. by   hcox1975
    Recession hits everyone, including nurses.:spin: