Question about Jeff State program

  1. Since Jeff State only uses your GPA within the last 10 years, what if you haven't taken any classes in the last 10 years? Will that matter? I asked about whether or not your classes had to be taken within a certain number of years and they said that it didn't matter how long ago I had taken them, they would still be good. So, do I have to take something before I can apply in order to have a GPA? I wanted to apply in Feb for the Summer start date.
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  3. by   happy-go-lucky
    Jeff State uses a point system for entrance into the Nursing Program and not GPAs. You're required to take the COMPASS Reading Test since you've been out of school for that long. It's a replacement for the ACT or SAT scores. You can score up to 99 points on the test. No worries, it's easy. Then your grades for BIO classes and Math are alloted x pts. There are a total of 200 points possible with the Compass Test and grades. That's how they determine acceptance into the program. Hope this helps a little!