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    i have a question about the hospital in Phenix city Alabama Jack Hughston Memorial hospital.I applied for 3 positions as a RN and i really would like to work there and specially in Surgery,but unfortunately nobody called me for an interview and i applied 3 weeks ago. Would it be a bad idea to call the nurse managar from the surgary and ask her if i can personally give up my resume?Or should i still wait maybe they call me?The positions are still listed as available.HR told me i can only apply online! Is anyone working for this hospital?Thank you!!
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    If I was you I would try giving a call. That hospital just opened up not to many years ago. However, I don't think it's doing THAT good. They shut down their L&D and PP floor and let those RN's and other workers go. They also let some more from other dept's go so it may take a while before they call you.

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