Nursing Student uniforms supplier in Birmingham?

  1. Ok, specifically for WSCC, can we buy our uniforms in Bham anywhere? I am assuming they are fairly standard, they are from a national brand, and I know what they are supposed to look like. Anyone found them at a supplier in Bham>?
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  3. by   matchsticktgt
    are they actually "uniforms", or are they a certain color/style of scrubs?
  4. by   nurseaid07
    I like to know this also . I did like the style we had because the pants we so tight in the hips and butt area
  5. by   jazzyjoy
    I personnally wouldn't! My friend had the same problem but we just had to either go with the size up or the size down or the men style or different style. Cause you would hate to buy something from somewhere else and it not look exactly the same and then they say something. Cause believe me THEY WILL!