Need work in Madison/Huntsville ASAP

  1. I am relocating with my family to Madison from south Alabama and need a job ASAP. The majority of my experience is as a staff nurse with OB/GYN (including antepartum and postpartum) and general med/surg unit at a pretty large hospital. I also have about a year experience at a rural hospital where I worked med/surg including pediatrics thru geriatrics, in-patient hospice, swing bed, nursery, labor and delivery. I have PALS and NRP certification. Does anybody have any knowledge of jobs available in the area that might not be posted? I am interested in working hospice, outpatient surgical, or w & c area. I am aware of jobs with HH and Crestwood and I am applying online. Need a day shift job. Prn, part-time, or full-time. Any advise will be appreciated.
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  3. by   LivinMyLife
    Crestwood is hiring in many areas!