Mobile nurses?

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    Anyone work in Mobile area hospitals?? I'm finishing school in MS in December and plan on moving there. Just wanted to get opinions of each hospital. Thanks!

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    Yes, I work at Mobile Infirmary and have also worked at Springhill Memorial. What is the reason you are moving here, you may get better pay in MS. MI is a big system but it is very political. Springhill is a good place to work and is a smaller scale. What area of nuring are you looking at?
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    I would not come to Mobile to work. Stay in MS. The pay is much better. I live in Mobile and work in MS and have no plans to ever work in Mobile again. Mobile Infirmary is a pretty good hospital and has the best pay from I am told. I worked there and liked it but agree that it is VERY political. My best advice is do not come to Mobile and work. You will be sorry.
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    Thanks for your input! I have heard similar opinions on Mobile hospitals. Unfortunately, MS pay stinks too. I was hoping to move closer to home but I guess I'll be staying in my current location since it's close enough to work in LA where the pay is great.

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