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Math validation test

  1. 0 What can i expect to see on the math validation test? I know at wallace we have two attempts to pass it and have to pass with 90% in order to pass pharmacology.
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    I just graduated from Wallace and i just passed NCLEX. However, I failed out because of the math validation. Do your best, ask for help if you need it, and practice. I had to wait out and come back in but i made it.
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    Would you explain in detail what is the "math validation test".

    Also, what is your opinion of WSCC nursing program. Please be specific as I am considering the school.

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    it is simply a timed math test and it is comprehensive of everything they taught up to that point. Most people passed it the first time no problem. Math is my nemisis. I loved Wallace. I am going back next semester to take classs for BSN. I live 45 minutes from the school and I actually pass by another community college to get there. That should be an indication of how much I love Wallace.