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    I just wanted to start a post for the LSCC hopefulls! Please post if you know what the point cutoff is for the fall or if you have received your letter, or etc. Let's get this thing rolling & good luck to everyone!!!

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    I don't know about the cutoffs or anything, but I'm a hopeful. I applied for the day and evening program. Hope we hear something soon!!!
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    I applied for the summer day program and was accepted! However, I turned it down with hopes of getting in the evening program! So... Good luck to you & maybe we'll meet oneday!
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    Hopefully we will BOTH get into the evening program...How many points did you have? Also, do you remember how long it took for them to notify you of your acceptance for the summer. I've heard of people being called within a few days of class start to notify them of their acceptance.
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    thx! I have 186 points & u?
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    Oh! Yeah I was notified a week before the summer program started they accepted 58 students out of 100 & sum odd #. I was told that the cut off was 147 points! My friend is continued the summer program & she said that out of the 58 that were accepted, it's only like 30 sum students in class!
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    Was the cut off really 147? wow i had 164 and I didn't get in, are you sure that is right? Maybe because I was applying as a transfer student that's why I didn't get in, I know if you transfer they do it on a space available basis
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    That's what was told! If you are a transfer and you haven't attended LSCC 3 semesters in a row, you don't qualify for the additional 11 bonus points! Also, I'm not sure if LSCC gets priority over transfer students. I'm sure if you call to the school, they will explain to you why you were not admitted. Sorry! But good luck in the future!
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    The week before...that's pretty much what I heard. I've also heard that a lot of people are making it. The Bessemer campus does have a better reputation though so im keeping my fingers crossed. I took most of my classes at Lawson so hopefully I will get the 11 points. I should have 180 points and hope that gets me in. MsLee, did you apply again?
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    I did reapply but I'm probably more than likely get into Wallace way before I get into lawson. And from my house( roebuck area) the time is really about the same. It takes about 40 minutes from house to get to the bessemer campus. that is good that people are excelling in nursing in the summer term. because i know they are really cramming the material more than usual. good luck everyone!

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