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Jefferson State Community College Summer 2013 Hopefuls - page 10

Hello All!!!!!!!! I am starting this thread for every student that plans on applying to the nursing program at Jefferson State's Shelby or Jefferson campus or students that are already in the... Read More

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    Quote from ark1992
    Congratulations to everyone who got in! I need some advice. I still have to take micro and psychology and I'm worried about taking them with nursing classes. With that said, I'm considering not accepting my spot this summer so I can take those prerequisites and reapplying in the fall to the Shelby campus with 197 points. The only thing I'm worried about is not getting in for fall, and then what would I do? Any advice?
    If you can take Micro before Nursing classes I would! I'm in the nights and weekend program and when I started the program, I had ALL my classes done except for nursing classes. Nursing classes you have to take I. Order, the other classes shouldn't matter. I had Erin Donavan last summer at the Shelby campus and ended up with an A in the class. And the nice thing about taking it in the summer is that since its a shorter semester, they have to cut out some of the information
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    Hey aubgurl, I know I'm going to purchase the fundamental success book. I've heard a lot of good things about it. And which campus did you attend and did that book help you there?
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    Aheart, I am at the Shelby campus. I use that book all the time! It has great test and gives the rationales which is EXTREMELY helpful! Good luck.
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    I hear nights and weekend are awesome at Shelby but 1st semester at the Shelby day program sucks. Over half my class is failing Fundamentals and there have been no A's on any Fundamentals tests. To say it's stressful is an understatement. Supposedly the final is easy but I'll believe it when I see it. 75% and above is what's passing and right now I have a 72%. Only 5 weeks to go our I'd probably give up. Oh the calculations test for clinicals is easy but some of the calculations tests for pharm are rather difficult. Health Assessment is 99% self-study. We are told to watch videos, see a 30-40 minute demonstration and then practice on our own. This has been nothing like I thought it would be. I'd love to hear how 1st semester is at the Jefferson campus.
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    Does anyone know how long orientation is suppose to last tomorrow?
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    Quote from aheart
    Does anyone know how long orientation is suppose to last tomorrow?
    How did orientation go? How long did it last and what info did they pass out?
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    It lasted about 1.5 hours. It was okay, they gave a packet of info that included, list of required items (shoes, scrubs, scope, etc), calculations packet, book list, CPR info, and a draft schedule. We had to pay for ID badge and malpractice insurance ($20.00 total). The book packet is $580.00 (8 books 2 codes). Mostly everyone just emphasized how hard it's going to be.
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    Quote from aheart
    We had to pay for ID badge and malpractice insurance ($20.00 total).
    Did you have to take the ID picture that day and thanks for the info.
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    We did take it that day but I don't think it was mandatory.
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    Anyone familiar with Meridy's scrubs, and know how they run for women?
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    I think the scrubs are Cherokee brand, you should be able to be found local if you need to try them on. So glad they are dark gray instead of the white!!
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    Does anyone know the number to the homewood place that does vaccinations?
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    Any Lab Test Now Homewood