Gadsden State LPN Program 2012

  1. Hi I am thinking about starting the LPN program at Gadsden state community college and was wondering who is planning on attending the 2012 program? Is there anyone out there that's in the program now or have complete the course? Could you share your experiences? I am getting a little nervous about finishing the process and starting the tests that are required. Thank you]
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  3. by   JenLee
    I'm applying for both programs this week. My major is RN, but I thought it was best to apply for both programs because of how tough competitive selection is. I would be thrilled to just get into an actual program. I will have over 40 c.h by the end of this semester so I'm getting very anxious just to get in. I will begin CNA classes next month so I can get some clinical experience.My GPA is pretty good but I really bombed my TEAS V test. I froze through half of it. It was my fourth test that week.Going to retake next month and reapply if necessary.
  4. by   bamagirl88
    does anyone know how many points usually get you into the program?