Drake State Technical college- Huntsville

  1. 0 A family member suggested that I look into Drake's LPN program- she works for them actually but not in the nursing dept so she couldn't really tell me anything about that. Is anyone going to Drake, or has anyone considered it and then decided against it? What do you think of the program? I'm currently at Calhoun taking basics and am applying for their LPN program and their part-time ADN program in the spring... I've heard that their nursing programs are pretty competitive though so I'm trying to find other schools I could apply at also.
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    I'm late to the subject but I graduated from Drake. Actually this week they received news on the SACS accreditation. This means an RN program will be added ASAP. I was surprised at the high standards Drake had. Every school has pros & cons but overall Drake made me feel prepared. Hope this helps. Message me if you have any other questions about it. Good luck

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