Does anyone know what the pt cut off for spring at JS was?

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    anyone know yet what the point cutoff for spring apps at Jeff State. I have not been able to get in touch with advisers.
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  3. by   autigermommy
    I don't have any idea. The lowest # I heard anyone say was 190, but I haven't talked to that many people, and I'm sure it was lower...I think there were quite a few people who didn't show up for orientation and if they didn't call to confirm their acceptance, I think they were gonna move on down the list and offer those spaces to the next people in line...
  4. by   Kaazz
    I dont know what the cut off was but I had a 184 and was accepted. I did turn down my spot though. Dont know if that helps or not!
  5. by   magnolia3957
    I talked to the adviser yesterday. Cut off for Shelby was 185, Jefferson was 183. Apparently it is getting higher every semester. She also mentioned that there is some talk of changing the requirements for Fall 09 but did not have any idea what those changes would be. They have changed to where your GPA is only counted from your last 25 credit hours. BUT GPA still doesn't really even count if you don't have the min points.

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