do I have enough points for jeff state??

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    I have a 187 points and I am applying for spring semester RN full time program at shelby campus. Is that going to be enough???

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    It takes different pts each semester. I think it took 186 or 187 to get in this semester.
    Good Luck!
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    I sure hope so!!! The advisor) told me not to worry, that the spring semester is always lower than fall.. I am retaking an a&p class right now and she told me to drop it and start studying pharmacology stuff..
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    Should be!
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    It should be. Tiffany said 186 was a very high cutoff. I am praying my 184 will get me in. 2 A's and 1 B, I really don't want to take AP2 again .
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    Product, so yu made a 93 on your compass test???
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    Try retaking your compass
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    2 A's 1 B, and a C in math with a 99 on compass. 184
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    product..... Its gonna be close, but I hope you get in! I'll definately need a study partner all we can do is wait! Ugh! Cross your fingers and pray about it! I asked tiffany if the point cutoff is normally lower in the spring and she just said it used to be that way, not necessarily that way anymore. One more month..... Keep in touch product! My pm me and I'll give you my email!

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