CVCC Nursing LPN-RN Mobility 2017

  1. Hello, I am new to ALLNURSES but would like to hear from others who recently applied to CVCC Mobility or traditional program. I applied for both the Mobility and the Traditional just in case. From what I have heard, not too many people have been very successful when it comes to applying because of the new ACT score requirements. Having to score above an 18 is a bit ridiculous for entry for a community college. I did score a 18 on the national but retook it and made a 20 on the residual. My grades consisted of 3 B's AND 1 C. My points totaled to be only a 32 with bonus points. I did get my acceptance letter yesterday but am interested to know how they are evaluated. Excited and will be starting this Summer 2017!!!
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  3. by   NurseMom12
    Wow!! I also was just accepted to the program. I got my acceptance last Wednesday. I too am very excited. I got a 27 ACT. I had B's in both anatomies, an A in English and a C in psych (stupid mistake). Even with the changes, they still went on a points system so if you added up the points, it would be out of 50-something. Congrats on your acceptance. Hopefully I will see you in a few weeks.