CVCC Accreditation?

  1. According to CVCC's nursing handbook, it says they are "currently seeking accreditation by the NLNAC and are currently candidates for accreditation through July 2013. A Self-Study is currently in progress. An onsite visit is scheduled for October 2012 at the time of this publication. This date is subject to change at any time. Once NLNAC candidacy status is achieved, CVCC will be required to complete a program self-study and an on-site visit within two years."

    My first question- have any grads been able to get hired while CVCC isn't accredited?

    Next question- After getting my RN, I want to do an RN-BSN program (and ultimately getting an MSN or CRNA), but will the non-accreditation cause issues with future schools?
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  3. by   pbni
    I think you should go and ask them because they can explain everything to you. I am studying at CVCC right now, and I am not worry about anything after the head department explains everything to me. I want to answer your question, but English is my second language. I am sorry!