Commuting from Tuscaloosa to Jeff State

  1. Hi everyone! I wanted to know if anyone was considering commuting from Tuscaloosa to Jeff State for Fall 2012? Im applying to Shelton State and Jeff State and would like to get some opinions or any advice from anyone who has done it before. Thanks
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  3. by   stephanieshae27
    I commute from Wilsonville to Birmingham everyday, about an hour, sometimes longer.
  4. by   bbreezy86
    What school do you attend? Has it been difficult for you especially on clinical days?
  5. by   stephanieshae27
    I was getting my associates in respiratory therapy at virginia college at the time. i am a single mom too. it was hard but i got used to it, just depends on how determined and how willing your are to suffer slightly for a short period of time to reap the benefits of a promising,fulfilling, rewarding career for decades to come.
  6. by   bbreezy86
    How did you like that program? Im looking at all my options, nursing is my first choice but I really just wanna be in the medical field. Are you working as a RT now?