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Calhoun Community College Fall 2013

  1. 0 I am applying to Calhoun community 2013, and would just like to get a forum started, to see who all is applying! (:
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    I applied for the part time program starting fall 2013! I'm waiting, and waiting, lol! Please post once you receive your letter! Thanks!
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    I just checked with a friend who applied and got in last fall, and she received her acceptance letter june 19th 2013. Sooooo, any day now (within the next couple weeks), we should know!
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    I've been going bonkers since I applied in February trying to figure out when they'll send out letters. I guess any day now we should know. The only bad thing about waiting so long, besides the stomach ulcers, is that somewhere in-between me applying and now, I've decided that biology is more of my calling than nursing. I applied for the part-time program in order to double-major, but since there's no real way to know the clinical rotation schedules until practically the week before you walk into the hospital, I'm having severe doubts that I'll be able to achieve both goals. So, I can either take Calculus now or wait for 2 years. This is NOT a fun wait.
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    I am sooo nervous, the wait is killing me. I wonder what the cut off score will be this fall?
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    I am going nuts waiting for this letter! What was everyone's point values when you applied? I had 157 with 2 HIGH Bs in anatomy, and A in micro and a 76 on TEAS. plus I'm a current student and finished with all my gen Ed's.
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    Eac0627- your score is good! I have heard that a good many people applied for the program this fall. I am hoping we hear something soon!
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    My points were 169.7 (4.0, 68.7 TEAS score, all pre-reqs, CCC student). I know I should feel safe, but I'm soooo nervous. I think my hubby is tired of me talking about it, lol!
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    Yeah you should def feel safe! good luck! Im hoping we find out soon!
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    Part of me thinks I shouldn't be worrying because I know I have an OK score, but the other part of me wants to freak out. I agree, I think my family is sick of me talking about it too. I bet we will find out next week or the week after! I saw last year that letters were dated as early as June 14th.
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    What is your status? married? kids, working time? + school (part time or full time)?

    I'm married, 1 almost 5 yr old daughter, work full time, and applied for the part time program!
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    Full time student, I work on Sundays and I'm not married nor do I have children.
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    Moved to the Alabama State Nursing Schools forum.