Calhoun Community ADN program- How many points??

  1. Hello all!

    New to the board- just wondering if anyone knows a ballpark idea of how many points to get into Calhoun's ADN program? I am applying to the Delayed Progression, but would appreciate any info on either program (day or night).
    I hope its not a perfect 200 to get in...........

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  3. by   beach_bride514

    I'm assuming you want to do the RN and not the LPN, right? I'm not currently in the program, but I'm applying for this fall. I spoke to an advisor at Calhoun Wednesday, and she told me that the point cut off varies from year to year based on how many applicants there are and how many they can accept. I think she said last year or the year before it was around 300 people, but don't hold me to that. If you're like me, that "it just depends" answer will drive you insane....

    best wishes!!